Hi, I’m Claire Darr…

The reason why I’m so incredibly passionate about manifesting is that I’ve seen how it’s impacted every area of my life. I want to shout it from the rooftops so that everyone can create a life that is beyond their wildest dreams. 

When I was younger I dreamed … I expected … I believed … I received. And then I lost my way. The ‘sensible’ years started. 

It all started after law school. I believed the story that I had to work really hard. Try harder, be better, do more, give more. I traded my time, my life, my health for $$ because I thought that was what success looked like and I thought that money would provide me with the life I wanted. I started to believe ‘them’ (who is ‘them’ anyway?), I came to understand that ‘they’ were actually ‘me’. It was all my internal voice. 

Through following the steps I’m going to teach you, along with hiring some incredible coaches, I realised that I was enough and had everything within me. I started trusting, loving and believing in me again and it worked!

I remembered who I was!

I pictured my one life, LIVING it fully. A life where I was healthy, abundant, energized and vibrant. I had absolute freedom. Time freedom, mental freedom, physical freedom to be the best mom, wife, daughter and friend. I pictured living in my optimum body and mind and I clearly visualized my life as I wanted it. 

And I did it! I’m no longer just surviving. I’m thriving. I live fully every single day. Gone are the days of just making it through, just existing. I’m truly LIVING. 

I made it fun. No more white-knuckling life. 

I manifested my life in the USA, an amazing husband, 2 beautiful daughters, a dream home, a 60lb lighter body, a rental property and a bee farm! 

I realize that it’s not all about ‘the stuff’. The stuff wouldn’t be anything without my family, my health and my freedom to enjoy it. I know I have just one life and I’m here to live it and help you live yours too. 

And I’m not done! If I leave my girls with anything it will be with a love of life and the compelling drive and need to ‘live’ the one life they have

I want you to know this is all possible for you too. It truly is! I’m here to help you make manifesting effortless. No more effort, no more hustle. Are you in? 

So, let me leave you with this… REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!

Picture it. Live it. Believe it. Expect it. Receive it. 

Love, Claire

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